Welcome to my story repository. This website is dedicated to my writing endeavors. To start things off, I’m going to set a goal of posting one short story a month. Each month’s story may be a simple writing prompt exercise, an inspired or requested topic, or something from my as-of-yet unpublished archive. Perhaps some day I will include other longer works, such as one-chapter-per-month novella publishing.

Unlike my other websites, this website will not include political commentary, or any type of non-fiction drivel. I have other, more appropriate, venues for material of that nature.

My latest story, enjoy! 😀

Ten Minutes Above 2017-03-03 10:00:44
"No,no. First the ski-lift stopped, then the lift shook along with the trees." Rosemary said into her phone. She was the only person in the four-person chairlift. "I cannot get through to the lodge."…
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