Unedited 30 minute writing challenge written by Mr. Campbell

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Place: inside a camping tent
Character: a bird watcher
Object: 12lb. hand weights
Time/Date: around noon

So still despite the stinging right eye. The sweat seemed to pour down that side. He was sweated everywhere, but for some reason, the right eye always got it. ‘Was it the dirt,’ he wondered. sweat was supposed to be salty, the same as tears, so why would it sting?

Anyway, he couldn’t move. not with all the action going on out there. He had a clear shot, through his left eye, of the scene about to be captured forever… As long as he didn’t move and spook the birds that also had a clear line of sight to him lying prone on his belly. His head peering out the pup tent opening, while is sweaty torso and legs stretched farther inside. His feet nearly reaching the other side.

In the camp, not far from the tent opening just next to the unused fire pit, four 24 lb. hand weights steadied the over-sized tripod. Atop that, the Cannon DSLR manually focused across the clearing to the unsuspecting Wilson’s Philippine blue-neck sparrow. It is the world’s most coveted bird among twitchers.

‘And, the sweat is about to ruin everything,’ he thought, almost out loud in frustration. He had been in the same location for days, setting up this shot. Each day, something new scared the clumsy fowl away. Just yesterday, it had almost strangled itself around the cord ties to one of the hand weights. Despite it’s name, this ‘sparrow’ isn’t small, nor graceful, but oh the beauty, when it’s in just the right position.

His vision in the left eye was about to loose the battle like the right eye before it. He could feel the river damning up on the eyebrow. This is the third and final day the Wilson’s Philippine blue-neck sparrow’s favorite blossom was in bloom. They eat the things, and only a few remained.

The bird was there, but faced away from the camera. Perhaps his movement wouldn’t spook her away today. Maybe, just maybe, it would only cause her to shift just enough to expose her most desired appetence.

He held his breath as the damm broke and flooded his left eye with sting.

‘What was that?’ His eyes couldn’t widen, but he tried hard. ‘Could it have been?’ He wondered. Had he just seen a male join her? It is all just a big blur now, but he was sure he was missing the most incredible sight ever. To date, nobody has a single image of the male of the species!

‘It’s now or never’, he decided. If he timed it just right, he could activate the shutter and wipe is eyes fast enough to see with his own eyes.

Three. Two. One. Go!


  1. I forgot to add the time. ;-D oh well, in the edits it will go. I started to put it in, but the paragraph got away from me.

    A note about spelling/gammer/wrong words. I know, it’s how I write. Fast enough to get the point out. The real work is in the editing. Consider it short-hand. 😀

  2. Love it! It left me hanging wanting to know what happens! 🙂

  3. Sitting here trying to think of something funny to say… I… got………………. nothin. 🙂

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